1. All services in Krsna consciousness are absolute

    Krsna consciousness is in the absolute platform. There is no relativity. In the temple worship, as there are so many different duties — one is worshiping directly the Deity, decorating the Deity, and the other is washing the temple — it does not mean that the one who is cleansing the Deity, he is less important than the person who is in the temple room, Deity room. No. Because it is absolute. As the Deity is important, similarly, the floor of the temple is also important, same importance, because absolute. So in executing our devotional service we are engaged in different duties. Somebody is cooking. Somebody is decorating the Deity. Somebody is cleansing the floor. Somebody is going to sell books. Somebody is doing something. Everything — nirbandhe krsna sambandhe — in relationship with Krsna.
    Because the relationship is there with Krsna, then every activity which you are doing, that is complete. There is no such material distinction.

    (Srila Prabhupada — March 12, 1975, London)