1. An Appeal to Devotees

    Dear devotees,
    Please accept our humble obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    We have received overwhelming response of devotees from all over the world who regularly listen to the lectures of HH Bhakti Vikas Maharaj using the website. Since the inception of the new website on Radhastami 2013, there are over a million downloads and plays of lectures. Many devotees find the guidance given in these lectures enlivening in their progress of Krsna consciousness. Hope you are also being benefitted by this humble service.

    You may be aware that presently there are 3100+ lectures, seminars, bhajans, and Q&A recordings available in the online archive. Archive gets updated almost everyday with at least one new lecture as Maharaj gives 350-400 lectures a year. It has now become an ocean of transcendental message.

    BVKS Media Ministry has about 2000 more lectures of Maharaj that are not yet published. Many of the lectures recorded from 1992 till 2010 could not be published due to lack of manpower to enhance the sound quality. You will be happy to hear that we are going to release these 2000 unpublished lectures in the upcoming Vyasa-puja program of Maharaj in January 2016. By Krsna's mercy our team has already worked on sound quality. However there are still some services in which we need help from you and others so as to make this release possible.

    There are two tasks:

    1. Titling lectures

    There are many lectures that do not have titles and thus devotees need to hear each lecture allocated to him and suggest suitable title(s).

    2. Cutting multi-language lectures

    There are many lectures with recorded translations along with Maharaj's speech. In this service, one needs to hear the lecture allocated to him and remove the translator's voice.

    It is our humble request that members of this list volunteer to help in the above services and be a part of our offering to Maharaj on his upcoming Vyasa-puja. Please write us at %EMAIL(damodara.bvks@gmail.com)% or call on +91 9737475085 for details and to volunteer.

    Thankyou, Hare Krishna.

    Your servants,
    Damodara Das
    Vrindavanacandra Das