1. Better to remain primitive

    If, becoming modern, we forget our future, then what is the use of becoming modernized? Better to remain primitive. The business is that in future also we shall exist. If we do not know how we shall exist — either I shall exist as a cat, as a dog or a tree or a demigod or as associate of Krsna… If I do not know… On account of being modernized, if I remain in darkness about my future, so it is better to remain primitive. What is the use of becoming modernized and forget myself and my future? Becoming modernized, if I become dog in future, so where is the use of modernized? Real business is that I shall take care of my future, especially in the human form of body. Cats and dogs, they do not know about future.

    If I know there is future, I have a future… This is also said by Krsna: tatha dehantara-praptih [Bg. 2.13]: "In future." Not this body, another body. So is it not my first business, to prepare what is my future body? That is my first business? Or to drink RC [Royal Crown cola] my first business? [laughter] Just see, by drinking RC if I, next life I become a dog, then what is the use of modernized life? And if we, by remaining in primitive state, we can produce Vyasadeva, oh, it is better. But the fools have no sense. Suppose if I go to some place for some business, and going there, to select my hotel, which hotel I shall enter, I remain busy to find out the hotel and I forget the business for which I have gone there, then am I not madman?

    The human life is meant for deciding his future. If we do not care for the future, and if I want to become modernized from primitive life, is that very good inclination? Real business forgotten, but I am busy with modernized life.

    Srila Prabhupada — May 3, 1976, Fiji