1. British-style education in India — why again commit the mistake?

    Dr. Patel: I think the greatest damage done to this civilization of Aryans of India was by Macaulay, who introduced the British system of education.

    Prabhupada: But why you accepted that? [laughter] Why you accepted? Then why don't you accept? You should have refused.

    Dr. Patel: Well, we were not there to refuse. We came afterwards. Our forefathers gave us…

    Prabhupada: No, you can… Just like they are reforming. Their forefathers were drunkards, woman-hunters, [laughter] and they are reformed, the great-grandchildren. And we old men, we cannot do that.

    Dr. Patel: I talk of Macaulay…

    Prabhupada: Macaulay may mislead you. Why you should believe?

    Dr. Patel: He has misled our forefathers.

    Prabhupada: No, why you should be misled?

    Dr. Patel: Now we are going to lead them. Are you not leading them?

    Prabhupada: Yes. Your forefathers might have been misled, but why you will commit the same mistake again?

    > Morning Walk — November 3, 1975, Bombay