1. Bullock cart sankirtana (Padayatra) 1975

    Mahamsa: Also another party of five devotees, they have started on the bullock cart sankirtana, going village to village. And one person came to the temple in Hyderabad and met me. He said that "After your devotees had a program in our village, the farmers in the evening they were coming and doing kirtana instead of just…" Previously they were not doing anything, but now they are coming after farming. In the evening they are collecting and they are doing kirtana together.

    Prabhupada: Just see how quickly there will be response. Therefore I was insisting, "Go village to village, town to town." Caitanya Mahaprabhu's prediction, prthivite ache yata nagaradi.

    Mahamsa: Grama, yes.

    Prabhupada: So it will never be foiled. Let us now begin village to village.

    Mahamsa: People in the villages, they are innocent, but they have been infected with so many vices. They are all drinking toddy every day.

    Prabhupada: If they chant, they will forget it.

    Morning Walk — November 21, 1975, Bombay