1. Busy fools and the economic problem

    Prabhupada: But they are busy fool. They do not understand the God’s arrangement. Only for food they are busy whole day and night like cats and dogs. Now this land is there. Everyone can grow food if he works for two months. Everyone can grow his whole year’s foodstuff. There is so much land. But no, they’ll not grow food. They will grow hammer, manufacturing it. You see? Tire tube, then atom bomb, then this and that. They are busy. They are busy fool. Actually they are fools, and they are very busy. Everyone is busy. There are so many parts in the motorcar, three thousand part, and they are busy in manufacturing three thousand parts of motor parts. So everyone is busy in producing things unwanted. But they have created a society in such a way that they have to do that.

    Indian man (1): Otherwise they think that they not economically progressing.

    Prabhupada: What is that economical progressing? So that means busy fool. Fools do not know how to satisfy the economic problem. That is recommended in the Bhagavad-gita, annad bhavanti bhutani: You grow food grains. Then all economic question… But why you are not producing food grains? Why you are producing iron stools and instruments and motor and tire and collecting petrol far away from Arabia? Krsna never says that “You do all this nonsense.” He said, “Grow food grains.” Why don’t you do that? That means fools. After all, you have to eat. So you are not busy in growing your food, but you are busy in producing tire tubes, motor cars, stools and instruments. Then how you will get your food? Where is your economic? First economic is, first necessity, you must eat.

    Morning Walk — October 19, 1975, Johannesburg