1. Krsna in the center

    Prabhupada: When everything is Krsna, that is Vrndavana life. Why Vrndavana life is so exalted? Because they have no other shelter except Krsna. The whole book Krsna is therefore center Krsna. That’s all. But there are many varieties of activities. Hari-sauri: There’s ninety chapters there. Just…, that’s a drop in the ocean. Prabhupada: Every page, […]
  2. All perfection of our desires

    The gopis or cowherd girlfriends of Krsna underwent tremendous penances in their previous lives to attain Krsna as their husband. Similarly, in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Sukadeva Gosvami says that those boys who were playing with Krsna had undergone great penances and austerities in their previous lives in order to acquire Krsna as a playmate. Thus the playmates, […]
  3. Old is better than modern

    This is the process: we have to follow the previous acaryas. That is Vedic system. In the very beginning of this chapter Krsna said, evam parampara-praptam imam rajarsayo viduh [Bg. 4.2]. We haven’t got to make any research, modern understanding. There is no question of modern understanding. We are all following the old, ancient understanding. […]
  4. Surrounded by Krsna atmosphere

    Somehow or other you have to engage your mind at the lotus feet of Krsna. Therefore so many paraphernalia how to engage your mind. Sravanam kirtanam visnoh: hearing about Krsna, chanting about Krsna, thinking of Krsna, worshiping Krsna, talking about Krsna, writing about Krsna, selling the books about Krsna, eating Krsna prasadam. In this way […]
  5. Quote from Madhvacarya

    There is no need to take shelter of unnecessary literature or concern oneself with many so-called philosophers and thinkers who are useless for spiritual advancement. Nor should one accept a disciple for the sake of fashion or popularity. One should be callous to these so-called sastras, neither opposing nor favoring them, and one should not […]
  6. This is devotion

    Krsna-bhakta doesn’t want anything. Krsna-bhakta even does not want Krsna even. He wants only Krsna’s service. That’s all. “Why I shall bother Krsna? Krsna is busy in His own business. Let Him dance with the gopis. I shall simply serve Him. That’s all. Why shall I want Krsna? Why shall I disturb Him?” This is […]