1. Collecting votes from dogs, hogs, camels and asses

    From Srila Prabhupada's lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.9 — September 15, 1972, Los Angeles

    The so-called civilization, so-called unrestricted sense gratification allowed in the name of freedom, that is disastrous. One must learn how to control. Controlling the senses, this is civilization. To become cats and dogs, that is not civilization. Dog civilization, cat civilization, hog civilization, camel civilization, this is going on.

    So cats and dogs, they're voting. So what they will vote, cats and dogs? They will vote another big cat, big dog, that's all. So what the big dog, big cat can do? That is described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam.

    Sva-vid-varahostra-kharaih samstutah purusah pasuh [SB 2.3.19]. A leader means voted by some hogs, by some dogs, by some camels and by some asses. This is the position of the society. Suppose there are many dogs in this Los Angeles city… Of course, camels you haven't got, but there are many asses also. At least in Indian cities we find there are many hogs, many dogs, many camels, many asses. So if they are called for votes, "Now we are taking vote for this, for this," what is the value of that election? Is there any value? So actually we are collecting votes from dogs, hogs, camels and asses. How?

    The dog means very obedient servant of his master. That is a good qualification, but after all, he is a dog. But to execute the service of his master, he is offending so many people. We have got experience. We have nothing to do with the dog's master's house, but still from the house, we are passing from the street, unnecessarily offending. Sometimes they come nearer. This is dog's business. He has no sense that "This man, they are not thieves or rogues, they are not coming here." But they will do their business because the master has trained him.

    So similarly, people at the present moment, those who are serving under some master, capitalist, the master says that you have to vote for that person. They will vote, they have no personal discrimination. The master says, "I will give you some money," they will vote. Or in other words, kalau sudra sambhava. Sudra means servant. The dog is faithful servant; that is his only qualification. And hogs means no discrimination of food. So actually at the present moment people have no discrimination of food. Anything they will eat. Actually people are supposed to eat that which is beneficial for him. Not that anything and everything I shall eat. No. So therefore the hog has no discrimination of food. So if people become like that — no discrimination of sex, no discrimination of food — he is hog; he is not a human being.

    So to become obedient servant and to have no discrimination of sex and food, that means dogs, and they are not human beings. And camel, although he is a big animal, he takes pleasure in eating his own blood. How is that? You will find the camels are very fond of eating thorns. So the thorns they eat, and the thorns cut the tongue, and the blood comes out. It makes a taste, and he is thinking that the thorns are very tasteful. That is camel. Similarly, we are everyone camel because we are enjoying sex. What is this sex? I am spoiling my blood. One drop of semina is created by sixty drops of blood. That is scientific. So when one discharges this semina, he thinks he is enjoying. He does not know that he is spoiling his blood. That is camel. He thinks he is enjoying. He does not think that "I am spoiling my blood. And if I spoil my blood more, then I shall be attacked with so many diseases, I will lose my resistance power." He does not know. But he thinks that sex enjoyment is very nice. It is not nice at all.

    So therefore dog, hog, camel and ass. What is that ass I have several times given you. The ass means he is working for others, for the washerman. So all these businessmen, very busy, but he is working for others, not for himself. He will eat, I suppose, a few slices of bread and a cup of tea or milk; that will satisfy him. But he wants daily one million dollars, and he has to work very hard, because a million dollars is not so easy to get. The ass loads on the back tons of clothes of the washerman, and he carries it to the place where they wash, and again carries back. But he is satisfied with a little grass. The ass does not know that "I can get this little grass — there are thousands and thousands of tons of grass on the outer field. Why I am engaged in the service of this washerman and doing this?" He has no sense. He thinks that carrying the tons of clothes for the washerman he has responsibility in business, so many things.

    So actually the modern men, without being properly civilized, without being properly educated, they are exactly like dogs, hogs, camels and asses. We take it like that, they are no better than. So what is the votes of them? What will they choose? They will choose another big camel or big cat or big dog, that's all, because he doesn't know. If you are human being, you know who is another human being. But if you are dog, camel and ass, how can you understand who is a human being? Therefore people sometimes misunderstand us, just like the dog comes: bow, wow, wow, wow.

    Similarly, the society of dogs, they also come, making their chase upon these Krsna conscious people. They take away from the street. They do not know that they are the best persons in the world. They are disseminating the message of God, making people men of character. No illicit sex, no gambling, that is character. They are becoming saintly person, always chanting. But they have no respect. Because they are dogs, hogs, how they can respect? So because they have no discrimination, these animals, then how they will choose to make the president a first-class man? He has no choice.