1. Dancing with Deity on head; Srila Prabhupada stopped it

    When Rekha arrived with her small Deity of Krsna, we carefully considered the proper arrangements to make for the Deity’s worship.

    Finally it was decided that since Radha and Krsna were already on our altar, the next best place to situate her Deity would be in Prabhupada’s room, adjoining the temple room. But Srila Prabhupada was not at all pleased with this arrangement, especially when he heard of Rekha’s method of worshiping Krsna. After dressing the Deity, Rekha would remove Him from the small altar where He was standing, and placing Krsna upon her head, she would then begin to dance around the temple room. Such practices did not conform to the Vaisnava standards, and therefore Prabhupada ordered that they be stopped immediately.

    From: Servant of the Servant by TKG