1. Dreaming of Krishna

    "I had a wonderful dream last night," I say.
    "Oh?" [Srila Prabhupada said]
    "I dreamed of Krishna."
    "That is no ordinary dream," he says.
    "It's the first time I've ever dreamed of Krishna," I say.
    "Dreams of Krishna and the spiritual master are not ordinary," he says. "If the spiritual master gives you instructions in a dream, you should follow them."
    "It was all very clear," I say. "Not like a regular dream at all. And when I woke up, I could remember it all."
    "Jai! When you are in full Krishna consciousness, you think of Krishna always. You act for Krishna, you breathe for Krishna, you see and hear Krishna, you touch and taste Krishna, you smell Krishna, you dream of Krishna. Krishna is everything for His devotees. That is Krishna consciousness."

    (From "Vrindavan Days" by Hayagriva Dasa)