1. Giant eagles

    During one evening lecture, Prabhupada boldly spoke of giant eagles that fly from planet to planet, eat elephants, and hatch their eggs in outer space with the help of atmospheric friction. As he spoke, sitting tall and fully confident on the purple velvet vyasasana, his eyes blazed, challenging any doubters. "Any questions?" he asked at the end of his lecture. Silence. One lone hand hesitatingly sprouted from the crowd of sixty-five devotees and guests.
    Raghunatha: Srila Prabhupada, in your lecture you mentioned, um, um, giant eagles who, um, fly from planet to planet.
    Prabhupada: Yes.
    Raghunatha: Well, um, it is, um, a little hard to believe.
    Prabhupada: [Sitting still taller, with his eyes almost defiant.] What do you know? You are still within the womb of your mother!

    From My Glorious Master by Bhurijana Prabhu