1. Harinama is so powerful; do not doubt it

    When we got back in the car, there was a question that I had been meaning to ask Prabhupada about the chanting of Hare Krsna. So we were sitting in the back together and Prabhupada was relaxing after the morning walk. I said, "Prabhupada in the Sixth Canto in the story of Ajamila there is the description of the Yamadutas being checked by the Visnudutas because Ajamila in namabhasa, he chanted Hare Krsna and that one chanting just wiped away all his sinful reactions. Then they went on preaching that just one chanting of the Hare Krsna mantra without offense can actually remove sinful reactions accumulated over millions of lifetimes. Even if you chant the holy name unconsciously or in joking it has that effect." Prabhupada was saying, "Hm." So I said, "Prabhupada, is this really true? Is it really that powerful?" Prabhupada was smiling, he closed his eyes. He was in ecstasy actually. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the seat of the car. His head was all the way tilted back and he was smiling. He said, "Yes. Just see how Lord Caitanya has made it so cheap." We were actually astonished that Prabhupada confirmed so authoritatively that yes, the power of the holy name is so great. You should have no doubt.

    Told by Ramesvara Dasa