1. How the whole world can be enveloped by Krishna consciousness

    His Divine Grace [Srila Prabhupada] in the last month or so has been stressing the importance of these farm projects, and said, "This is the next aspect of Krishna consciousness which I wish to push forward. If I am able to travel again, then I shall visit the farms and make them perfect. On these farms we can demonstrate the full varnasrama system. If these farms become successful then the whole world will be enveloped by Krishna consciousness. From your letter I can understand how nice this farm is. I am very happy to see fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, grains, the devotees taking sumptuous prasadam and chanting Hare Krishna. This is the actual meaning of human life.

    From a letter of Tamal Krishna Maharaja to Hari Sauri Dasa, 10 Aug 1977.