1. I am a Senior Devotee

    Sunday feast
    Bang that drum
    Have some fun
    I am a Senior Devotee

    Then the food
    Pure veg of course
    Chat with friends
    In shorts and sneakers
    Sports, jokes, light talk
    Don’t drink beer here – Cola is OK
    I am a Senior Devotee

    Now don’t you young guys
    Be judgmental 
    Don’t try to tell me anything
    I was chanting
    When you were in diapers
    I’ve done everything, seen everything
    You should learn to respect me
    after all
    I am a Senior Devotee

    We’ve seen so many like you
    All gone
    We used to be like you
    Young, idealistic, serious
    You won’t last 
    Now we are mature
    If by our age
    You still hang out at the Sunday feast
    In shorts and sneakers and laugh and joke as we do
    You’ll be doing pretty good
    Got it?
    We are all Senior Devotees

    (Written by Bhakti Vikasa Swami)