1. impossible four regs in West, but possible by Krsna’s grace

    (For Srila Prabhupada's arrival in America)

    It is very difficult for this country or this part of the world to follow the four principles of regulative life: no illicit sex, no gambling, no
    meat-eating and no intoxication. Even Lord Zetland, when he was given this formula for becoming advanced in spiritual consciousness, he flatly replied, "It is impossible for us." Yes. But impossible thing can be made possible by the grace of Krsna. That is possible — Krsna is all-powerful — provided we are serious and sincere. That is the main business. We must be very serious and sincere. Then Krsna will give you intelligence.

    … It doesn't matter, either in India or outside. People thought like that, that Krsna consciousness is the monopoly business for the Indians or for the Hindus. They were thinking like that: "It cannot be preached. Nobody will take it." But I thought, "If Krsna is God, why it will not be taken by everyone? It must be taken." So I was not very much hopeful to become successful. When I was in Boston port, I wrote one poetry that "I do not know why I have been brought here. How these people will take to Krsna consciousness? As soon as I will say these four regulative principles, they will ask me to go away." [laughter]

    From Srila Prabhupada's Arrival Address — February 9, 1975, Los Angeles