1. Krsna returns home from the pastures

    Krsna and His friends and calves began to return to their Vrajabhumi homes. When Krsna returned home to Vrajabhumi, He was seen by all the inhabitants of Vrndavana. He was wearing a peacock feather in His helmet, which was also decorated with forest flowers. Krsna was also garlanded with flowers and painted with different colored minerals collected from the caves of Govardhana Hill. Govardhana Hill is always famous for supplying natural red oxides, and Krsna and His friends painted their bodies with them. Each of them had a bugle made of buffalo horn and a stick and a flute, and each called his respective calves by their particular names. The cowherd boys were so proud of Krsna's wonderful activities that, while entering the village, they all sang His glories. All the gopis in Vrndavana saw beautiful Krsna entering the village.

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