1. Krsna’s hypnotism

    One who has chanted Hare Krsna, he cannot give it up. Cannot give it up. He has to come again, this life or next life. Krsna will not leave him. Krsna… Once surrender sincerely, "Krsna, I am Yours," Krsna I will never leave him. He will protect you. But if he had become little stronger, then there is no question of falling down.

    Vasi kriyate means hypnotized. It is so nice that one becomes hypnotized. Otherwise, why the boys are working so hard? They are… [laughter] [laughs] They're all qualified. They can earn money outside. In your country sufficient money is paid for work, but they are hypnotized here. [laughter] [laughs]

    So Krsna is so nice. Yes. He's the all-attractive. He hypnotizes His devotee in spite of… Just like the Pandavas. The Pandavas, they were Krsna's friend. Arjuna was friend. All the brother… Arjuna was very intimate friend, but other brothers, four brothers, they were also Krsna's friend. And Kunti, the Pandavas' mother, she happened to be the aunt of Krsna. So they were well, I mean, established in relation with Krsna. But as a result, they were banished for twelve years. They lost the game, so they were banished. And their wife, Draupadi, was insulted. They could not insult her, but they tried to insult her. They tried to make her naked in the assembly. And they lost their kingdom, and they were banished for twelve years.

    So Narada met Krsna. He is a devotee, he could speak Krsna with little criticism: "My dear Sir, Krsna, by becoming Your devotee the Pandavas are very happy. They have lost their kingdom. Their wife is insulted. And now they are banished for twelve years. So it is very good thing. [laughter] [laughs]

    But the wonderful thing I see, now, in spite of all these inconveniences, they have increased their love for You." So Narada, he is astonished, "What kind of hypnotism You do, I do not know. [laughter] In spite of being placed in so much inconveniences, their love for You has increased." That is the position of Pandavas. This is Krsna consciousness.

    From Srila Prabhupada's lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.18–19 — June 22, 1969, New Vrindavan