1. Let us hope (for the future of ISKCON)

    Ramesvara: Srila Prabhupada, you said yesterday, or a few days ago, that this movement will go on unimpeded for ten thousand years, so…
    Prabhupada: Yes, provided we keep it uncontaminated. You should take this opportunity.
    Ramesvara: So after ten years we have gotten so many devotees and so many houses, so I can't imagine how big this movement will be after ten thousand years.
    Prabhupada: Yes. You'll get the government.
    Ramesvara: The whole world will be delivered?
    Prabhupada: Yad yad acarati sresthah [Bg. 3.21]. America will be the best; people will follow. They are already following–skyscraper building, that's all.
    Ramesvara: You've given all the major policies for the future government, Krsna consciousness government.
    Prabhupada: Let us hope.

    (Los Angeles, June 11, 1976)