1. Materialistic and spiritualistic family life

    So material life means nidraya hriyate naktam. At night they want to sleep as much as possible or, those who have got facility, then they utilize sex life. Nidraya hriyate naktam vyavayena ca, vyavayena means sex. Vayah, in this way wasting time. The whole twelve hours or ten hours, wasted. And during daytime, diva carthehaya rajan, diva ca artha ihaya: "Where is money? Where is money?" Just like in your country, from early in the morning, 5:30, the road is congested. People are going to work. Why? For seeking money, money, money, money. Diva carthehaya rajan. Then when he gets money, "Let's spend it for sense gratification, for family maintenance." So in this way materialistic person waste their time day and night. Where is time? Ask any materialistic person, 'Why don't you come to our temple, sir? Why don't you hear Bhagavad-gita?" "We have not time." Because they're wasting time in that way. You see? So this is the materialistic life.

    And spiritualistic life means that one should be trained up as brahmacari. Then regulated life in grhastha, regulated life. Grhastha is not bad. Family life is not bad. Therefore it is called grhastha-asrama. Asrama means…, this very word is meant where the spiritual cultivation is practiced. That is called asrama. So it may be household life, it may be renounced order of life, it may be brahmacari, student's life, or retired life. The spiritual culture must be there. That is human civilization. If there's no spiritual culture, that is not human society. That is animal society. The cats and dog, they have no spiritual culture.

    From Srila Prabhupada's lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.2.5, New York, March 5, 1975