1. milk

    The Vedas have defined milk as coming from protected cows that are loved as family members. They roam the pastures grazing on
    fresh grasses to their heart's content. They are lovingly milked by hand and in reciprocation, give their milk with love. Such milk is the only food that is given out of love. The rishis of yore would always come to a g.hastha home to get a cup of this milk which nourishes the finer tissues of the brain.
    Factory farming in the 21st Century is so unhealthy that the cows are continually sick. They do not eat grass, but are fed genetically modified
    corn and soy laced with antibiotics to kill the toxic organisms as a result of their diet, bovine growth hormones so they will mature rapidly, and other products that can cause mad cow disease.
    In order to give milk, cows must bear a calf. As soon as a calf is born, the cows are immediately artificially impregnated the same day and their calves are taken from them. Male calves are put in tiny crates to become veal and their stomach lining is used as rennet to make cheese. The cows cry in agony when their calves are forcibly taken away. They live in concentration camps chained to the feeding tough where they can't even turn their head. The life expectancy of such exploited and tortured cows is 3-5 years after which they are sent to be slaughtered. The normal life expectancy of cows and bulls are 18-20 years. The milk is subsidized by the sale of animals to the abattoirs, to keep costs down and milk prices low.
    Study after study has shown that this liquid masquerading as milk causes all kinds of disease. When genuine cow milk is taken instead, the body responds favorably and disease vanishes. Clearly, the white liquid extracted by machine from cows and laced with harmful chemicals is not milk according to the Vedic version. Shockingly, today India exports more beef than any other country in the world, even surpassing Brazil, Australia, and the USA. Sadly, almost all of these cows were retired dairy animals.

    From Vaiyasaski Dasa's VP offering to Srila Prabhupada, 2014