1. no alternative than to read these books

    Prabhupada: These things are not available in the Western countries. They do not know all these.
    Tamala Krsna: I don't think that there has ever been a personality who has ever given such a great gift to the Western world as yourself, Prabhupada.
    Prabhupada: Yes, actually that is the fact, but let them appreciate, that's all.
    Tamala Krsna: Gradually I think they all will. Some are now…
    Prabhupada: No, they are intelligent. First…
    Tamala Krsna: The thing is, it seems to me, that we are flooding so many books that they must become Krsna conscious.
    Prabhupada: [laughing] Yes, they have no alternative than to read these books.
    Tamala Krsna: Practically now it is commonplace that every day when our men go out, supposing each man meets in a day a thousand people or five hundred people, always, without a doubt, at least one or two of the people he's met, they already have another book, and they are taking a second or third book.
    Prabhupada: Yes.
    Tamala Krsna: Many of them have two or three volumes of Caitanya-caritamrta or Bhagavatam. And although they may not read it, their children are reading it.
    Prabhupada: Somebody is reading.
    Tamala Krsna: Oh, yes. I made a study. I asked the men in our party, when they were all gathered, to raise their hand if they had received a book before joining our party, and every single one of them had gotten a book before joining the movement — without exception. They were attracted through reading a book or a magazine.

    >>> Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversation — Nellore, January 3, 1976