1. Not just lectures — training is needed

    Now some result is there because I am practically training them. And before me, all the svamis went there, they lectured, that's all. So what is the meaning of lectures unless you train them? That "Our Hindu religion is very great, very nice, and whatever you like, you can do. It doesn't matter." Then where is the training? Now little effect is there because I am training them. As soon as one comes to me for becoming disciple, I place before him that "You have to give up all these habits." When he agrees, then I accept him. And therefore I have got some selected, trained-up men. So there must be this training college, institution, and proper training according to the sastra. Then there is possibility of changing the whole situation.

    (Srila Prabhupada, Vrndavana, April 20, 1975)