1. Pickpockets and a bogus yogi

    Prabhupada: In our childhood we were living in a quarter, there many thieves, pickpockets. So we… After all, they were neighborhood men, so they knew us. Although we had no connection, but we knew that "These are pickpockets, gundas." And they also knew us. So I remember, now, children, one pickpocket was taking, and as soon as he saw me… [laughter] [laughs] He was afraid that "This boy may tell." We have seen it. He was doing… Similarly, these rascals are pickpockets, and they are asking us, "Don't expose us. Let us do."

    Gurukrpa: You told us the story that in New York you walked in one yoga asrama, and the man who was teaching yoga, and he told you in Hindi, "Don't reveal that… This is my… I am feeding my family by this method."

    > Morning Walk on Waikiki Beach — May 29, 1975, Honolulu