1. proof that you are a rascal

    Prabhupada: Baddha-jiva, every moment he is under the strict laws of nature. Generally they think that…. They speak also. "I think." Do they not say? "I think," as if he is independently thinking. What you can think? Hm? Acyutananda Maharaja, why do they say, "I think," "In my opinion"? What is the value of your opinion?

    Harikesa: Well, I have a certain amount of experience, and with my intelligence and my mind and my scientific method, I can put all that together and come out with some practical solution which I can work on.

    Prabhupada: That you cannot, because you are not independent. Uru-damni baddhah. If you are tied hands and legs with strong rope, how you can think of "I shall become free in this way. I shall become free…?" But your hands and legs are tied up, so why do you think foolishly that you shall become free in this way, you shall become free this way? First of all open this, the tightening knot; then you plan that "I shall become…" But there is no such chance. So what is the value of your thinking like that?

    Harikesa: Well, relatively speaking, it's better to do…

    Prabhupada: That is another foolishness. Because you are so rascal, you do not know that "I cannot move even an inch and I am making plan." That is the proof that you are a rascal.

    >>> Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk — Nellore, January 3, 1976