1. Real starvation

    …important is the soul, not this material body. So anyone who's accepting this material body as very important… Just like the other day, some rascals came. They were very much eager for feeding this body. Those who are starving, starvation… Starvation of the bodily concept of life. But there is spiritual starvation. That we are not taking care. Material starvation may be there, but actually that is not a problem because there is sufficient arrangement for maintaining this material body. Real starvation is of the soul. The soul is not getting spiritual food. Here, in this meeting, this is meant for giving to the starving spirit soul. And as soon as you get some spiritual food, then we become happy. That is the situation. Yayatma suprasidati. Unless you get spiritual food there cannot be satisfaction of the real soul.

    Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 2.25 — London, August 28, 1973