1. Srila Prabhupada is more than Birla

    Prabhupada: When He sees, “That fool wants Me, at the same time, material world. So take his material possession, everything, so that he will want only Me, that’s all.” Actually, it was done to me. [laughs] I have got practical experience. I did not want to take sannyasa. I thought that I shall do business. And Krsna forced me to take sannyasa and all, everything, dismantled.

    Devotee (4): Krsna’s mercy on us.

    Prabhupada: I was thinking of becoming Birla, but I am now more than Birla. This is Krsna’s mercy.

    Brahmananda: Birla gives you money now.

    Prabhupada: Not only that: how many branches Birla has?

    (Morning Walk — July 3, 1975, Denver)