1. Srila Prabhupada went through tribulations to give us Krsna

    I left my home, my children and everything. I came here as a pauper, with seven dollars. That is no money. But I have got now big properties, hundreds of children. [laughter] And I haven’t got to think for their provision. They are thinking of me. So that is Krsna’s favor. In the beginning, it appears to be very bitter. When I took sannyasa, when I was living alone, I was feeling very bitter. I, sometimes I was thinking, “Whether I have done wrong by accepting?” So when I was publishing this Back to Godhead from Delhi, one day one bull thrashed me, and I fell down on the footpath and I got severe injury. I was alone. So I was thinking, “What is this?” So I had very, days of very tribulations, but it was all meant for good. So don’t be afraid of tribulations. Go forward. Krsna will give you protection.

    Srila Prabhupada; Lecture — April 17, 1969, New York