1. Stop this suicidal policy

    Now we see the sky, the sun, how nice it is. This is life. Green, down, and up, clear sky, sun. This is life. We get rejuvenation in this atmosphere. What is this nonsense, all skyscraper building, no air, no light? Jagato 'hitaya. The mind becomes crippled, the health becomes deteriorated, children cannot see even the sky — everything is spoiled.

    Improve this mode of life. Live in open place, produce your food grain, produce your milk, save time, chant Hare Krsna. Plain living, high thinking — ideal life. Artificial necessities of life do increase your so-called comfort, but if you forget your real business, that is suicidal. We want to stop this suicidal policy. 

    Srila Prabhupada — June 26, 1976, New Vrindavan