1. Stopping the war with maya

    Because people have no idea what is the soul, therefore they think that stopping war will help us in peaceful condition of the society. There are so many troubles so long this body is there. War is one of the items. Even war is stopped, there is no question that people will live forever. No. That is not the law of nature. Duhkhalayam asasvatam [Bg. 8.15]. This life, the problem is how to stop our contact with this material body That is the problem. Not that these general people, they are thinking, "If war, there is no war, then we shall be very happy." How you'll stop your war with maya? Maya has declared war with you, or you have declared war with maya. Daivi hy esa gunamayi mama maya duratyaya [Bg. 7.14]. The maya, the material nature is enforcing, "Why you are closing this door?" "Oh, because it is very cold outside." Who is forcing? Immediately there will be cold, immediately there will be fog, immediately there will be excessive heat, immediately there may be earthquake. How you can stop it? So they simply think… Just like innocent child, they are concerned with the immediate problem. But sane man is concerned with the ultimate problem. So our ultimate problem is not this war. The ultimate problem is repetition of birth and death.

    Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 2.27-38 — Los Angeles, December 11, 1968