1. Such fools

    Fools who cannot perceive repeated birth and death and the other miseries of materialistic life cannot be sure of what will happen to them in their next birth. Indeed, these foolish, materially contaminated rascals have manufactured an irresponsible way of life that does not consider the next life. They do not know that according to one's own activities, one receives a body selected from 8,400,000 species. These rascals have been described in Bhagavad-gita as duskrtino mudhah. Nondevotees, those who are not Krsna conscious, must engage in sinful activities, and therefore they are mudhas — fools and rascals. They are such fools that they do not know what will happen to them in their next life. Although they see varieties of living creatures eating abominable things — pigs eating stool, crocodiles eating all kinds of flesh, and so on — they do not realize that they themselves,
    because of their practice of eating all kinds of nonsense in this life, will be destined to eat the most abominable things in their next life. A Vaisnava is always afraid of such an abominable life, and to free himself from such horrible conditions, he engages himself in the devotional service of the Lord.

    >>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 7.9.41