1. Taking credit and giving blame

    When there is miseries, a Krsna conscious person takes the responsibility himself, and when there is happiness, it is due to Krsna. But the materialistic person is just the opposite. When he is in miseries, he'll say, "Oh, God has put me into such miseries." And when he's happiness, his friend says, "Oh, you are now well-to-do." "Yes, you do not know how much I have worked hard." When he's happiness, he takes the credit for himself, and when he's in distress, he gives the discredit to Krsna. "Oh, Krsna has put me into such miserable…" But a Krsna conscious person, when he's in distress, he'll say, "Yes, due to my misdeeds I should have suffered a hundred times more than this distress, but Krsna is so kind, He has given me little. That's all." And when he's happiness, "Oh, it is all given by Krsna. Therefore all the opulence should be utilized for Krsna's service." This is the difference.

    >>> Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 2.46-62 — Los Angeles, December 16, 1968