1. The world is degraded because of cheaters

    [Srila Prabhupada is condemning false teachers]

    That is not our life, to become an impostor. It must be real person. By training, yah sastra-vidhim siddhih, by training under the teaching of a bona fide spiritual master, the sastra, and then you'll automatically, the more you become a sincere servitor of the spiritual master, the more you become qualified to become a teacher in the future. Otherwise where is your qualification? You may cheat others that you are teacher, but you are not actually teacher. You have no lesson, no education. A cheating is another thing. But practically to become a teacher… Just like in a school, teacher… A teacher is appointed. When the certificate is there that he has passed M.A. examination, and he has undergone the training, B.T., Bachelor training, then he's appointed: "Yes, you can be a teacher." And then a bogus man, he can be… He cannot be accepted as teacher. So that is going on. A bogus man, they're becoming teachers. Therefore the world condition is so degraded. A cheater is taking the place of teacher. Therefore the whole world is degraded.

    (January 17, 1974, Hawaii)