1. This is the poison

    Illicit sex is so dangerous. Everyone will be killed with the illicit sex. That is the difficulty — falldown. What can I do? I have already given instruction. If they do not follow, they fall down. That is sure. So dangerous. And in our society it is very easy to have affair, so many girls are there. I can say "Don't do this," but if you do, what can I do?

    This is the poison, illicit sex, and this poison will kill everything. This is the poison. And I cannot understand whether I shall be able to save my disciples from this poison. This is the poison. They do not take it seriously, but in the beginning I said, "No illicit sex." These four principles, if they are not strictly followed, then he's victimized forever — today or tomorrow.

    That is the disease. They are now sexually desiring. Everyone is desiring, one who cannot control. Then they will break all the regulative principles. Everything will be happening. What can I do? Even they will not stick married life.

    They are accustomed to break this law. It is very difficult for them. Their fathers, they have done so also — every year thrice divorced, twice. What can I do? I have given the formula.

    Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation — January 3, 1975, Bombay