1. Why our movement was solid

    Prabhupada stated that Mr. Sethie, the manager of Swarga Ashram and Ganga Darshan in Rishikesh, had said our movement was solid but that Transcendental Meditation was bogus. I felt that Mr. Sethie was impressed that Prabhupada's statements were all backed by sastra; and he could see that the caliber of our men was different from that of the hippies and young Indian opportunists who were attracted to Mahesh Yogi. Further, the judge in New York, unless he had been completely sure of the bona fide nature of Krsna consciousness, would not have given such a decision on the first day of the hearing. Prabhupada said, "We have achieved this position because we have followed the order of my Guru Maharaja."

    From TKG's Diary: May 17