1. Widow remarriage

    Naturally one Hindu widow is trained up not to marry again. Once she got a husband, that’s all right. “Now divert your attention to Krsna.” They’ll make propaganda, “Why stop her sense gratification? Let her marry again, widow marriage.” Why widow marriage? If there is voluntarily giving up begetting any more child, to avoid husband, why the widow marriage bill is introduced? Everything was natural, brahmacari. The sterilization is already there. That will not be accepted. Widow, she’s remaining refrained from. Just like we have now asked our girls not to dress attractively, widow. They should dress not attractively. Because after all, what is this sex enjoyment?

    It is not very good thing. By outward attraction they attract. Nice sari, one becomes attracted. Therefore this is psychology, that if the woman does not dress very nicely, she will not be attractive. Unnecessarily attraction she will avoid.

    Srila Prabhupada — September 6, 1976, Vrndavana