1. Working very hard for nothing

    People do not stop to consider that they are actually working very hard for nothing. One who earns millions of dollars cannot really eat much more than a man who makes ten dollars. A man who earns millions of dollars cannot mate with millions of women. That is not within his power. His mating power is the same as one who earns ten dollars, just as his power of eating is the same. This is to say that our power of enjoyment is limited. One should therefore think, "My enjoyment is the same as that of the man who is earning ten dollars daily. So why am I working so hard to earn millions of dollars? Why am I wasting my energy? I should engage my time and energy in
    understanding God. That is the purpose of life." If one has no economic problems, he has sufficient time to understand Krsna consciousness. If he wastes this precious time, he is called a mudha, a rascal or an ass.

    (From "The Path of Perfection" by Srila Prabhupada)