1. Yamuna D.D. recalled

    [Srila Prabhupada said] "I am making an experiment with this Governing Board. I do not know if it will succeed, but I am making the experiment. My Guru Maharaja had the idea for a Governing Board. And although he tried to implement it, it was a failure within the Gaudiya Matha. And I am also trying to implement. But if there is no success, then once again I will have to take all managerial responsibilities. You know, I was planning that you and Govinda dasi would be as one Governing Board member. Half." I was very surprised and said to Srila Prabhupada, "I don't think this would be very successful, because I have a female body, and it simply wouldn't work." And he said, "Yes. Tamala Krsna has also agreed. It will not work."

    From the book "Yamuna Devi," Vol 1 p 343.