1. The best policy to control the mind

    The mind is restless, always desiring something, desiring something. So the best policy to control the mind is to desire how to spread Krsna consciousness. This is the best. Kamah krsna-karmarpane. Narottama dasa Thakura has said that you cannot be free from desire. That is not possible. This is useless attempt. They say that "You become desireless." No, that is not
  2. Sannyasis and philanthropic work

    It is not uncommon in India for a man to give up all material engagements, to leave his home and family and take the renounced order, sannyasa, and after meditating for some while, begin doing philanthropic work by opening some hospitals or engaging in politics. The hospital-making business is being conducted by the government; it is the duty of a sannyasi to make
  3. Why our movement was solid

    Prabhupada stated that Mr. Sethie, the manager of Swarga Ashram and Ganga Darshan in Rishikesh, had said our movement was solid but that Transcendental Meditation was bogus. I felt that Mr. Sethie was impressed that Prabhupada's statements were all backed by sastra; and he could see that the caliber of our men was different from that of the hippies and young Indian
  4. Haridasa Thakura – don’t imitate, follow

    If one cannot complete the fixed number of rounds he is assigned, he should be considered to be in a diseased condition of spiritual life. Srila Haridasa Thakura is called namacarya. Of course, we cannot imitate Haridasa Thakura, but everyone must chant a prescribed number of rounds. In our Krsna consciousness movement we have fixed sixteen rounds as the minimum so
  5. Nityananda vamsa

    The original gosvamis, he (Srila Prabhupada) said, were sri caitanya krpa bhara — carrying the mercy of Lord Caitanya to the whole world, so those who claim to be in their line should be prepared to do the same. "They are descendants. Now prove; come forward. Sri caitanya krpa bharau. Simply sitting at home. And in Bengal there is Nityananda vamsa. What is Nityananda