1. English courage, Bengali heart

    Formerly the Britishers expanded empire. You expand the empire of consciousness, Krsna consciousness. This is also the same view, but it is spiritual. Krsna has given you the ability. Do it enthusiastically with the courage of an Englishman and the heart of a Bengali mother. Srila Prabhupada to Prabhavisnu and Mahavisnu (British devotees) — 10August, […]
  2. Starvation

    It does not matter whether there is increase of population. But if the people are unfaithful, they must be punished with starvation. That is God’s will. From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Bhagavad-gita 7.1-3 — 10 September, 1973
  3. We must be unhappy

    A fish, when it is put into the land, is unhappy, or death. Similarly, if you, the creature of the land, are put into the water, you are unhappy. And death. So because we belong to the spiritual nature… As it is explained by Krsna, this material nature is apara, apara. Apara means inferior, not […]
  4. Criminal wife

    The pickpocket takes from your pocket and he becomes a criminal, and when the wife takes thousand dollars from your pocket, you do not consider her to be criminal. You laugh, “Oh, you have taken the money?” “Yes, I’ve taken.” The business is a pickpocket. But in one case we say “criminal,” and one case […]