1. How are we so lucky?

    Devotee: Prabhupada, before this movement came here we were so caught up in sinful activities. How is it that we were so fortunate to be benedicted with this great Hare Krsna movement? Prabhupada: It is Krsna’s mercy. Caitanya Mahaprabhu wanted to give you. Now He has come here. You take advantage of it. Caitanya Mahaprabhu […]
  2. Offenses block prema

    If one is infested with the ten offenses in the chanting of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, despite his endeavor to chant the holy name for many births, he will not get the love of Godhead that is the ultimate goal of this chanting. Srila Prabhupada’s translation of Cc Adi 8.16
  3. Real tapasya

    I haven’t got to manufacture things by high meditation and tapasya. This is tapasya, simply to become a faithful servant of Krsna. That’s all. So where is the difficulty? This is tapasya, that “I shall not speak anything beyond what Krsna has spoken.” This is tapasya. But if I want to adulterate, “Oh, I am […]
  4. Working together nicely

    I am very glad to learn that you are all working peacefully together. This is the most favorable atmosphere for cultivating our Krishna consciousness. And if people see us working together nicely, they cannot criticize anything against our Krishna consciousness movement. From a letter by Srila Prabhupada to Prabhavisnu — Bombay 3 December, 1974
  5. Very careful to complete sixteen rounds

    There is a verse in which Srila Rupa Gosvami says, avyartha-kalatvam: [Cc. Madhya 23.18-19] a devotee should be very much careful to see whether his time is being spent unnecessarily. He should ask himself, “Am I now engaged in maya’s service or Krsna’s service?” This is a symptom of an advanced devotee. Nama-gane sada rucih: […]
  6. The test of bhakti

    Bhakti means when he realizes, God realization, then naturally he becomes unattached to material activities. That is the test. Not that simply by having tilaka or kanthi, one becomes a devotee. How much he is detached to the material attraction, that is the test. That is the test. Vasudeve bhagavati bhakti-yogah prayojitah janayaty asu vairagyam […]
  7. Understand easily, forget easily

    Guest (2): I have very many questions to ask. Prabhupada: Yes, that’s nice. But you cannot assimilate all the answers in one day. That is not possible. You have many questions, but ask in many days, not in one day. Otherwise you will get indigestion. [laughter] You will not be able to… Simply you go […]
  8. Krsna meditation

    This Deity, description of Krsna, is there in the temple, in the book. So if you always simply think of this beautiful form of Krsna, that is called perfect meditation. If you simply think of. That is very easy. If you… We are always attracted by beautiful things. So Krsna is the most beautiful. So […]
  9. No benefit by making a show

    Krsna consciousness movement means solution of all problems, teaching people not to become sinful. Because a sinful man cannot become Krsna conscious. To become Krsna conscious means that he has to give up his sinful activities: no illicit sex life, no meat-eating, no intoxication, no gambling. These are the four pillars of sinful life. So […]
  10. No comparison

    Krishna consciousness philosophy is as old as 120 million years at the least. So nothing can be compared with our philosophy either in the matter of antiquity, philosophy, ethics, science, morality, etc., all in correct vision and approved by great stalwart acaryas. So far others are concerned, they cannot be compared even. From Srila Prabhupada’s […]