1. Understand easily, forget easily

    Guest (2): I have very many questions to ask.

    Prabhupada: Yes, that’s nice. But you cannot assimilate all the answers in one day. That is not possible. You have many questions, but ask in many days, not in one day. Otherwise you will get indigestion. [laughter] You will not be able to… Simply you go on questioning, questioning, and don’t take anything, that is no use. Make one question. Try to understand. Adopt it in life. Then make another question. Don’t take all the answers at a time and become suffering in dysentery. No. [laughter] Don’t do that. That’s all right. You cannot take one month’s food in one hour. Can you take? So that’s all right. Gradually. Your questions are nice, but don’t take the answers all in a day. That will be not good. If you understand very easily, then you will forget very easily.

    Guest (2): That is natural. Yes.

    Prabhupada: Natural, you see. If you understand little with difficulty, then you will forget also with difficulty.

    (November 8, 1973, Delhi)