1. Jealousy in Krsna consciousness

    There are many political parties in a state but in spite of all political jealousies they are one in serving the state. Similarly Krsna being the center, all competition and jealousies for serving Krsna the best is always absolute provided such jealousies do not come down to the material plane. From Srila Prabhupada’s letter to […]
  2. Criminal tolerance

    There was a poetry by Rabindranath Tagore. The purport of the poetry is that one who is mischievous, he is culprit. But one who tolerates mischievous activity, he is also culprit. If you are mischievous, you are criminal. But if you tolerate mischievous activities, that is also criminal. Srila Prabhupada/ Morning Walk Conversation — May […]
  3. My Vyasa-puja offering to Srila Prabhupada

    nama om visnu-padaya krsna-presthaya bhu-talesrimate bhaktivedanta-svamin iti naminenamas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani-pracarinenirvisesa-sunyavadi-pascatya-desa-tarine My most dear Srila Prabhupada, you are my life. Your orders and your mission are the only meaning to my life. Despite my chronic dismay and trepidation at the condition of your movement, I also feel increasing enthusiasm in service to your mission. […]
  4. The future of the West

    Student life means complete celibacy, but that is not observed in your country, rather they are indirectly encouraged by distribution of contraceptive pills. If things are allowed to go on like this, the future of the Western world is very dark. By such unrestricted association of young boys and girls, is gradually turning them to […]