1. In danger, scientists pray to God

    Svarupa Damodara: That there was an explosion in the (indistinct), and they could not go to the moon. So they were in danger in outer space. So they were requesting all the people so to “Pray to God so that I can come back safe and sound to this planet.” (laughter)

    Prabhupada: When they are in danger they pray to God for safe and sound, but when they go to the moon planet: “We are scientist.” (laughter) Just see how much foolish they are! When they go to the moon planet, at that time, “God give us permission, we may go”? No. “We are scientists. (laughter) We don’t care for God.” But when they are in danger, “God save us.” (laughter) Just see what kind of scientists they are.

    Conversation, Los Angeles, July 9, 1974