1. Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion

    An English proverb: “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.” So anyone who is on the position of teacher, he must be above suspicion. That is our first acceptance of teacher. We don’t accept any teacher who is under suspicion. How he can be teacher if he’s under suspicion? Now they may question that if you […]
  2. Aksaya Tritiya

    Los Angeles, 21 May, 1970 [To devotees in London]My Dear Yogesvara, Gurudasa, Digvijaya, Lesley, Yvonne, Jyotirmayi, Paul, Prithadevi, Purnananda, Tom, Lena, Dhananjaya, Inga, Mandakini, Tirthapada, Trivikrama, Yamuna, and Jaya Hari, Please accept my blessings. I thank you all very much for your Aksoy Treetiya card. This is the new years day of the appearance of […]
  3. Cleopatra and the Gopis

    Cleopatra. You have heard the Grecian history. She was very beautiful, and she conquered many great warriors. So beauty sometimes can conquer even the greatest man, but that does not mean beauty can conquer God. To conquer God is bhakti. If you are advanced in devotional service, then you can conquer God. Just like the […]