1. Atheist insanity

    The natural phenomena, that is going on in systematic way. And we have no experience anything going on in a systematic way has no controller. How they can think of this big phenomena without any controller? At least any sane man cannot think like that — that it is going on automatically, it is happening […]
  2. No more glowworms

    This revolutionary movement is eyesore for many, because if this movement become successful, then the so-called so many philanthropists, they will have no position. There is an economic theory: bad money drives away good money. So when the good money is not available in the market, the bad monies are there. There is example in […]
  3. The value of time

    Canakya Pandita said, ayusah ksana eko ‘pi na labhyah svarna-kotibhih… Svarna means gold coins, and koti means ten millions. So suppose today is 6th December. Now seven o’clock, morning, seven o’clock, 6th December, passed. Can you bring it again by paying one crores [ten million] of gold coins? Hm? That “Let me get back again […]
  4. Which way is India headed towards?

    Devotee (2): Which way is India headed towards? The capitalists or the communists? Prabhupada: India has no…, had no such ideas. They are borrowing ideas. India’s idea is self-realization. Live very simple life – brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya, sudra. The brahmanas, they are living simple life, becoming very learned scholar, pure character, advanced in spiritual life-one […]
  5. Falldown

    Regarding Damodara’s plight, we are very sorry but we must always expect that some of the weak soldiers may fall down in a fight waged against the great Maya external energy of Krishna. The sex attraction is very great in the material world. But in the spiritual world it is different. From Srimad-Bhagavatam we know […]