1. Atheist insanity

    The natural phenomena, that is going on in systematic way. And we have no experience anything going on in a systematic way has no controller. How they can think of this big phenomena without any controller? At least any sane man cannot think like that — that it is going on automatically, it is happening automatically. The season is changing in time, the sun is rising in time, the moon is rising everything is going on systematically — and how he thinks that there is no controller; there is no God? That is insanity. To become atheist means — a greatest insane person. It has no meaning to become atheist. Anyone who cannot think of a supreme controller, he is an insane man. He is not a sane man. How he can propose? Where is his experience? Everything is going on under some control. Even this wonderful machine, computer that requires an operator. So how one can think of-without controller things are going on very systematically? This is insanity. It has no meaning.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s discussion with Hayagriva dasa regarding the philosophy of John Dewey.