1. Do not elect rascals and fools

    According to Vedic civilization, in a monarchy the king is advised by saintly persons and sages. By taking their advice, he can become the greatest executive power, and everyone in his kingdom will be happy, peaceful and prosperous. The great kings were very responsible in taking the instructions given by great saintly personalities. The kings […]
  2. Rama-lila — pitiable or ecstasy?

    An apparently pitiable condition in devotional service may appear distressing to the inexperienced student, but the feelings of the devotee in this pitiable condition are considered to be ecstatic by expert devotees. For example, the subject matter of the Ramayana is sometimes considered pitiable and distressing to the heart, but actually that is not the […]
  3. Vibhisana came to Ramacandra

    We have to live with devotees. Why I left my family? Because they were not devotees. Therefore I come. Otherwise, in old age, I would have been comfortable. No. We should not live with the nondevotees, may be family men or anyone. Just like Maharaja Vibhisana: because his brother was not devotee, he left him. […]
  4. Rama and Varnasrama-dharma

    They sometimes use “Rama-rajya party,” but without Rama. This is their policy. Where is that Rama? When Lord Ramacandra returned from the forest, His brother, Bharata, was ruling as a saintly person. But as soon as the eldest brother came back, he entreated that “Now You sit down on the throne.” But He first of […]
  5. Spoiling the Hindu religion?

    The present so-called Hindu religion, being predominantly conducted by the Mayavada philosophy, has become a hodgepodge institution of various concocted ideas. Mayavadis greatly fear the Krsna consciousness movement and accuse it of spoiling the Hindu religion because it accepts people from all parts of the world and all religious sects and scientifically engages them in […]
  6. Who to vote for

    Because of the importance of the Krsna consciousness movement, people should be Krsna conscious and should not vote for anyone who is not Krsna conscious. Then there will be actual peace and prosperity in the state. When a Vaisnava sees mismanagement in the government, he feels great compassion in his heart and tries his best […]
  7. Illicit sex, extremely sinful

    The sexual urge is so strong that sometimes a man indulges in sexual relations with a cow, or a woman indulges in sexual relations with a dog. Such men and women are put into the hell known as Vajrakantaka-salmali. The Krsna consciousness movement forbids illicit sex. From the description of these verses, we can understand […]
  8. Reading: a pleasing tapasya

    If you simply take little trouble to understand Krsna . . . That tapasya is required: to read Krsna’s instruction, Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam, and try to understand Krsna. Because that tapasya, if you take little painful . . . It is not painful. It is very pleasing. But we avoid it. We think it is painful. […]
  9. Beat the atheists with shoes

    When a person is fool number one, beat him. That’s all. Tulasi dasa has said, dhol gunar sudra pasu nari, ei saba sasana ke adhikari. Dhol, drum, you have to bring it to the tune by beating, “tung, tung.” Gunar. Gunar means fool person. Pasu, animal. Dhol, gunar, pasu, sudra, and nari, woman. They should […]
  10. Stop demonism

    Svarupa Damodara: They want to stop spread of communism. Prabhupada: Yes. Similarly, now America has to do the same thing to stop demonism. Then your nation will be leader. You understand; you have trust in God. Now it is your business to trust in real God and work for Him. You cannot… I have explained […]
  11. Spiritual connection

    Always remember that I am always with you. As you are always thinking of me, I am always thinking of you also. Although physically we are not together, we are not separated spiritually. So we should be concerned only with this spiritual connection. From Srila Prabhupada’s letter to Gaurasundara, November 13, 1969