1. A Message to the Youth of India

    "A Message to the Youth of India" by HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami is now reprinted in English and available for orders.


    This powerful book with Maharaja's commanding article and emphatic quotes from Srila Prabhupada has made a good impact in preaching in India especially among the youth. There are many people who became devotees just by reading this book, and some even dedicated their life for Krsna. In English, 25,000 copies were distributed over the years with the first edition (1993), and thousands were distributed in six other languages in which it was translated.

    Now the English book is revamped, reedited, redesigned just to match the modern trend, since the Indian youth are changed in the past two decades. For the same reason, it was out of print for some time, and now 20,000 copies are printed.

    The book is presented in 136 pages plus 16 color plates with an attractive cover design.

    We strongly encourage our devotees (especially those who are in India) to buy the book, read the book, and distribute the book widely. Also you can present this book to your respective temples, namahattas, congregational gatherings, etc, and thus distribute widely. This will certainly increase the preaching in your area.

    To order it online (within India only), CLICK Here

    To get it in other countries and for bulk orders please write to bvksbooks@gmail.com

    As we strongly encourage devotees to distribute this book, we have made some designs which can go to the notice board of various hostels, colleges etc. To download them Click here