1. Sri Vamsidasa Babaji

    "Vamsidasa Babaji" is now reprinted as "Sri Vamsidasa Babaji". The book is revamped–corrected, rewritten, and expanded. It also contains further information, derived from the following sources: an article by Sri Siddhanta Sarasvati in the magazine Sajjana-tosani, old editions of the Gaudiya (the erstwhile magazine of the Gaudiya Mission), and Associates of Sri Caitanya, by Sripada B.B.Tirtha Maharaja.

    Also new are photographs from the site of Sri Vamsidasa Babaji's bhajan kuti at Navadvipa.

    The book is currently presented in bigger size (135 x 210mm) in 150 pages with 8 color plates.

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    This book is primarily meant for devotees, and we encourage you to distribute this book among devotee circles.