1. Actual intelligence

    So this is intelligence, that I have to serve. Now in my material condition I am serving so many things, especially my senses. So neither my senses are satisfied nor I am satisfied. So this intelligence is not coming to us. They are going on, carvita-carvananam, chewing the chewed. The senses, same sense gratification in different way. In theater, in stage, in…, at home, at club — everywhere. Simply changing the platform and trying to be happy. How you can be happy?

    They already distasted. Does it mean that sense satisfaction in an apartment and sense satisfaction in the club is different? It is simply imagination. “Let me go to the club, let me go to the stage, let me go to this Florida beach, and let me go there, let me see the naked dance, let me see that, let me…” That’s all. But the platform is there, sense gratification. But he is not intelligent that “I have satisfied my senses in so many different ways. I have served my senses in so many different ways; neither I am satisfied, neither my senses are satisfied.” Therefore the intelligent man says, “I am no more going to satisfy my senses, I will satisfy Krsna.” That is Krsna consciousness.

    Then he gets full satisfaction. This is voluntary. This is called surrender, that “I have tried to satisfy my…, the whims of my senses so many lives. I have become frustrated, confused. Let me try this life to satisfy the senses of Krsna.” That’s all. At least let me give a trial one life, and let me see the result.

    So our Krsna consciousness movement means that we are requesting everyone that give a trial this life at least. You have satisfied your senses in so many forms of life, huh? The dogs also satisfied their senses, the cat also satisfied his senses, the tiger, and these civilized, uncivilized, these god, everyone. Now you don’t try to satisfy your senses, you try to satisfy
    Krsna. That’s all. And Krsna, being full, complete, if Krsna is satisfied, your senses will be satisfied automatically. Therefore His name is Govinda. Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami. Govinda means who satisfies the senses. Don’t think that your senses will remain unsatisfied. It will be completely satisfied. That is the secret of Krsna consciousness. So, have sankirtana.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Bhagavad-gita As It Is Introduction — November 23, 1968, Los Angeles.